Are there any paid lounges to recommend in LAX?

Hi Members

Over the last year i managed to save and redeem points for my return trip to Mexico via LA in economy i will be on the new direct flight to LAX from Melbourne with Virgin .

My return flight from Mexico is with Delta to LAX then a 4 hour stop over before my Virgin Flight.
I have tried searching for paid access to a lounge but it is very confusing with Virgin not having their own lounge .

I think they might be using Emirates or Etihad’s lounge does anyone know if it’s possible to purchase a pass or pay for admission when flying out of LAX with Virgin .

My delta flight arrives at terminal 2 and my Virgin flight VA 24 also departs from Terminal 2

i have not been to LAX before so any help would be appreciated my flight is the last week of August.


Check out the following 2 sites.