Are there any issues with this Qantas RTW itinerary?

I have quite a few QFF points and was going to plan a RTW trip with my wife for next year.

We have a rough itinerary using OneWorld alliance airlines but had a few questions regarding the (2 trips) method and if all below flights would meet the criteria through Qantas to book 2 people on Buisness Class using 318,000 points each.

Proposed Itinerary:
BNE-LAX-MIA-KIN (1st stop in Kingston, Jamaica. There is an overnight in LAX less then 24hrs)
KIN-LGW-MLA (2nd stop in Malta, overnight in London for less then 24hrs)
MLA-MUC-DOH-CEB (3rd stop in Cebu, overnight in Doha for less then 24hrs)
CEB-HKG-SYD-BNE (4th stop home for 6 months)
BNE-NRT (5th stop in Tokyo, 2nd trip)
TOTAL MILES on - 34,964 mi


  1. If we wanted to spend some time in USA, could we make LAX a stop and make our own way to Miami then continue on?
  2. Would this mean that LAX is the 1st stop?

Please advise on if the itinerary would meet Qantas RTW criteria and where it may not so we can plan a little better. Also welcome to suggestions for stopovers or Overland transits.

Thanks in advance for your helpful comments and advice :slight_smile:

You can only leave your starting city/country once. Get rid of the Tokyo flight and the rest of the itinerary will work.

Thanks Kris, Would it be possible to keep the Tokyo flight at the end but begin the whole itinerary in say Auckland? If not Auckland, would there be another close city abroad you could recommend?

The miles from Tokyo back to your starting point, Auckland, needs to be included in the 35,000 miles. So no, your new plan will not work.