Are there any fees for changing/cancelling award/reward flights?

Hi all - what are the likely penalties for cancelling or modifying partner flights using Velocity (eg Singapore Airlines) or Qantas (eg Jetstar) points?

And does it make any difference for modifying reward based flights on own airline programmes (eg krisflyer points booking on SingAir)

Hi @benobi

I have very recent experience of this as I’ve just had to cancel a couple of reward flights through Asia.

Cancelling my Singapore Airlines booking using Velocity points cost me 7500 Velocity points.

Cancelling my JAL/Air France booking using Qantas points cost 6000 Qantas points.

Each airline/FF programme has its own policy. Click here for KrisFlyer‘s policy.

Thanks @sixtyeight - hopefully we won’t have to but I guess the coronavirus has raised everyone’s anxiety levels around discretionary travel. Our flights are in Sept but the thinking is that this outbreak is hanging around for a while yet.

Here is a list of the fees related to major programs.


Thanks @w.hiew - exactly what I was looking for!!