Are there any current deals or incentives to sign up to Flybuys?

Such as free FF membership, bonus flybuys or FF points etc?


Flybuys is a free to sign up program. They consistenly run various targetted promos for their members but not for people to sign up (given its ubiquitous use around Australia mainly in Coles supermarkets).

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

I’ve signed up to flybuys - I’m wondering if I don’t immediately link them to velocity, can I do it later at any stage I want later on and send them all over then?

Hi Ollie,

It’s best if you don’t link your Flybuys account to your Velocity account just yet, for two reasons:

  1. Sooner or later, if you haven’t linked your accounts, FlyBuys will send you an email with some sort of incentive (bonus points etc) to link your accounts. Link the accounts when you can take advantage of the incentive.

  2. Twice a year (sometimes more often) Velocity and FlyBuys have bonus transfer promotions, generally in the vicinity of getting 15% more Velocity points. Normally transferring 2000 FlyBuys points will get you 870 Velocity points, but if you wait until a 15% promotion you’ll end up with 1000 Velocity points. Unless you need the points urgently, it’s always best to wait until one of these promotions.

The other side of the coin is that the earlier you link your FlyBuys account with Velocity, the sooner you can start collecting Status Credits from your Coles shopping. So if you need the status credits to (for example) reach or maintain Gold, link now. Otherwise, for the above reasons, it’s best to wait.

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