Are there any cheaper ways to buy Velocity points?

Hello, are there any pages which people can buy velocity points? I am will to pay $100 per 10,000 velocity points. I need about 120,000

The good news: you can buy Velocity points directly from the Velocity website. Go to the website, click on “Earn” then select “Buy Velocity points”.

The bad news: they cost over twice what you are willing to pay. Maybe another contributor can help out, but to my knowledge there’s nowhere you can purchase Velocity points that cheaply.

Get your own financial advice, but you may want to look into applying for a credit card with a large bonus points sign-up deal. I just got approved for one this week that comes with a 120,000-Velocity-point sign-up bonus (in return for spending a certain amount on the card).

Velocity will let you buy up to 50,000 points at roughly 2.3c a point on their website. But its rarely a good idea to buy Velocity points, given other, much cheaper ways to get your hands on them.


It is against their program T&C to trade Velocity points. Try asking your family members whether they have some to sell.

Gumtree might have something you are looking for but personally, I would not recommend doing so as it could potentially expose oneself to fraud or getting your Velocity account shutdown.