Are there any changes to Qantas classic rewards after 10 Jun 2017?

I am looking to redeem a classic reward in first class from Madrid to Sydney with Emirates using my QFF points.
Last year I paid 192,000 QFF points for this (along with taxes) do you know if this is staying the same or increasing after June 10th 2017?
I am receiving all sorts of different information in relation to this.
I currently have 160k points and am looking to book this flight in a couple months time (I.e after June 10th)

Malaysia Airlines are changing their redemption tables on June 10, that will affect partner awards. This won’t affect redemptions using Qantas Points though, compeltely different program.


I have not heard of a devaluation after Jun 10th 2017.

I checked and it still costs 192k QFF in first class with Emirates and the taxes are Euro455.

Good luck and enjoy!