Are there any benefits to using SNIIP?

Hello Points Hack Community!

Once upon a time the Platinum Edge card offered no points if you were to pay for utilities and to my understanding, this is no longer the case (please correct me if I’m wrong here).

In saying that, is there any benefit to using SNIIP? Or is the benefit of using SNIIP only when the utility company does not accept AMEX?

Apologies in advanced if this question has been asked already, I could not find it on this forum!

Look forward to hearing back from you all :slight_smile:

Hi creditnoob

Welcome to the community. PointHacks has published an article on sniip (link below). This will give you an idea on what/where you can use Sniip.

To answer your Q, Sniip can be beneficial in a few scenarios. I have listed the scenarios where I used Sniip recently

  • I have used Sniip to pay govt charges - i did this so that the charges are counted towards the minimun spend for bonus points - had I paid the charges directly with the card, the spend was not counted towards the eligible transactions
  • I have used Sniip to make a payment using my AmEx card - AmEx was not accepted to pay this bill directly

Also, there are other free apps that you can use where AmEx is not accepted - for example PayPal. AGL does not accept AmEx directly but you can use AmEx via PayPal to pay AGL bills. In this case, you don’t have to go to Sniip and pay the 1.5% charge unnecessarily.

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Hi ck009,

Thank you for the detailed response and the link for sniip! much appreciated!

Do you happen to know if government charges/utilities offer points or not? Because I can only see sniip being used in a scenario where AMEX is not accepted.