Are there any benefits in booking Virgin Velocity flight to London points one way vs return?

Hi I am trying to book a return business class flight to London next year using my Virgin Australia Velocity points and finding it a difficult process. Is there any disadvantage of booking one-way flights, one-way to London and then another one way flight London back to Brisbane. Or am i better off to book return flights. Does is cost more points to book one-way flights

Hi, in terms of raw points cost, there is no difference overall between booking 2x one-ways or 1x return. Just be mindful that you may need to pay more fees to change or cancel your multiple bookings compared to one booking, once the waiver on fees finishes.


It probably improves your chances of securing the award seats by securing outbound flight and return flight separately vs waiting for the return flight to be released before booking both (if you are booking 10-12 mths in advance).

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