Are there any banks offering frequent flyer points for bank accounts (not credit cards)?

Has anyone heard of Banks offering FF points for moving your accounts to the new Bank?

Is it worth a try?

if you are referring to savings account. no.

the Bankwest Qantas transaction account offers very occasionally sign on bonuses. but really sign on bonuses are used for credit cards.

if you have a very large balance, (a few 100 thousand), banks may waive some fees for you. but don’t expect points.

Thanks Mark, thought it might be worth a try. I have business accounts and personal, it depends how much they want my biz, doesn’t hurt to ask.

Bankwest Qantas Transaction account offers  12 points per one hundred dollars per month for account balance calculated daily. The calculation is based on .4 points per 100 per day and the monthly account fee is $6 or zero if depositing > $2000 per month.

eg. $10,000 for 1 month = 1200 points