Are there any airport lounges open at Melbourne international airport?

Hi all, are any of the Melbourne international airport lounges open at the moment?

Hi @g14classified

I’ve just done a LoungeBuddy search of lounges at Melbourne Airport. According to LoungeBuddy, all lounges are closed except for the Cathay Pacific and Marhaba lounges. I’m not sure how reliable that information is (I find it hard to believe the Cathay Pacific lounge is still open), but there you go.

If you have a non-AmEx-issued Priority Pass membership, you might be able to use it at the Bar Pulpo which the same search states is also open.

I was at Melbourne Airport today (flying domestically) and I had a walk around. It’s dead. I counted four international flights leaving tomorrow. I can’t see how it would make any economic sense for any of the lounges to open.

thanks for that info and insight. partner has a flight next week with 4hr connect and just wondering if there will be anywhere for them to grab a bite to eat.