Are there any airlines that reward you if you do not use the baggage allowance on premium air fares?

We all are familiar with the user pay based model of low cost carriers who charge additional fees for non-essential services, this including but not limited to baggage. In other words, if you fly without checked-in luggage, you can purchase the base fare, and if you want to add baggage allowance to the base fare, you can do so by paying an additional fee. I am however interested in the same concept on full service airlines and more specifically, when travelling in premium cabins. Whenever I book travel in premium cabin, I automatically get baggage allowance included in my fare. Due to the nature of my travel, I seldom need baggage allowance, which therefore goes unutilised. It seems like waste and only serves to benefit the airlines’ profit margin with no benefit to the fare paying passenger. I have not yet come across a carrier who offers an ‘opt out’ from checked luggage, hopefully in return for little something, either a discount on the fare, or some other form of benefit if parting from money goes against their grain - e.g. I would be happy with a token gesture of frequent flyer points credited into the account of the airline I am nominating/ registering in that booking. I realise crediting additional points adds to complexity of booking processing, which adds to the costs, so it may not be the most ideal suggestion. I am interested in other views and suggestions, maybe even personal experience involving carriers who are not the norm.

Hi Slaussie,

Unfortunately, I have never heard of that before.

Another similar scenario I find funny is: You pay the same price for clothes size XXS and XXXXXL.