Are there any additional surcharges when redeeming Business Class flights with Krisflyer miles?

i’m looking to book business class flights for 4 using velocity points Melbourne to cairns in June - i noticed that  krisflyer is 21,000 points australia zone 1 -  zone 1  whereas the flights in velocity points is 40,800 (or 33,800 +$45).

I want to know if i transfer 28,350 velocity points per flight to krisflyer (28,350 @ 1.35 :1 to net me the required 21,00 krisflyer points) do I save the difference? is that the full cost or will there be any other surcharges?

I would check out the taxes as SQ usually have real high taxes

I would suggest giving the KrisFlyer Reservation & Ticketing Office\r\na call on 13 10 11 - they’ll be able to tell you. But as others have said, I would expect it to be in the hundreds of dollars.

I think you will pay US$ 400 as this seems to be the charge for all the intl flights I can remember booking into or out of Perth to USA

From MEL-CNS Virgin Australia doesn’t charge a Fuel surcharge, which is what makes normal SQ redemptions so high. There are four taxes listed on ita.matrix: GST ($94.62), Safety and Security Charge ($3.75), and Two Passenger Service Charges ($14.37 & $8.03). I’m not sure whether SQ will charge the GST. If they don’t, the taxes should be $26.15 per person. If they do charge GST it will be $120.77. Hope this helps!

I just booked my daughter a FF one way flight SYD-PQQ on Virgin with KF points -  No GST.

Charges were noted on the eTicket as follows:

Fare: 0.00 SGD

QR 4.60 SGD
QR 12.30 SGD
WG 3.80 SGD
Total: 20.70 SGD

QR Passenger Service Charge -Dom

WG Safety and Security Charge (Domestic/International)

Singapore business class to London has about $1,200 in charges, but Virgin domestic seems to be not too bad…

Hope this helps.