Are stopovers allowed with flights redeemed with Velocity points?

My wife and I are looking to use velocity points to travel to London next year, and I’ve noticed that some of the best value is with UA (though obviously it means UA service, and a longer trip). What I’m wondering is can we book UA reward seats to London with a stop over? Or are reward seats only available with transit only?

A stop in SFO or even LAX if absolutely necessary would certainly break up the trip to Europe

Hi @abbaskip_e

I’m not sure what you mean by “some of the best value is with UA” but the bottom line is, yes, you can use Velocity points to fly United Airlines to London via the USA.

You can also, of course, use Velocity points to fly Air Canada to Europe via Canada, or Velocity’s other partners to fly via Asia.

Unfortunately stopovers are not possible on Velocity redemptions. If you want a stopover, you’ll have to make two separate bookings.

Hope this helps!

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So stop-overs not even possible when phoning then? That’s a bummer.

By value, I meant that using Asian/Middle East carriers (or AC) it’s 75,000 + taxes, using UA it’s 59,800 plus taxes - despite the increase in miles flown.

Hi @abbaskip_e

That’s a good spot – United (along with Virgin Atlantic) is on the cheaper of the two international reward flight points tables. But no, stopovers are not possible with Velocity.