Are Shopback discounts single use?

Not strictly points related but is anyone familiar with Shopback and can tell me whether a discount can only be used once?
I recently used a Westpac card for my first Coles online shop through Shopback and scored 15% Coles cash back and a further 15% from Westpac.
Tried it again this week and only got 0.05% Coles and so far nothing from Westpac.
Have I used my Coles discount up now for life?
I am waiting on a good discount for hotel accommodation but am now worried that I will not be able to get the discount as I have previously used a discount via ShopRite.
Any help appreciated as I am finding it all a but confusing!


Have a look at the cashback info in more detail (at the bottom of the screen once u selected Coles). Existing user gets 0.5 to 1% cashback).

Thanks w.hiew, do you know if it ever resets? And is it the same for or can that be used more than once?

It’s tied to your account (e.g. That’s common in industry to provide incentive/discount for your first purchase.

You could bypass that with another email address if you could be bothered. Harder with accounts tied to mobile phones.

But in short, it doesn’t reset. Which is why they call it “new” or “existing” members.

Thanks again Warren :blush: