Are redemption flights included in Singapore Airlines free rebooking offer?

SIA website says that they permit free rebooking for flights booked before 31/12/2020.

Does anyone know if this applies to KrisFlyer rede of lights as well? (The site isn’t clear on this).

Assuming that it does, what limitations apply. Ie:

if redemption flights are not available on the new dates that you wish to fly (but paid seats are) would you be able to change to these given that you already have “paid” seat?

Are you able to rebook to dates beyond one year after your initial booking?

Thanks for any advice and if you can to point me to any official information on this.

I’m kind of in this boat. I asked to reschedule redemption flights from May 2020 to Dec 2020 - there was a cost and I had to get permission to rebook beyond 1year of the original booking date.

Now, having the airline cancel those new flights, re-booking is free, must be by end 2021, and I can only book redemption seats.

It’s unclear to me what would happen if all redemption seats were taken, if the airline is not flying my route by end of 2021, or I reached my points expiry. I would like to hope / trust Singapore Airlines would continue to be pragmatic and find a solution.

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