Are Qantas points 'useless' for the next ~2 years?

Hi all,

Obviously we have Covid going on as well as some good QFF card offers. I was going to apply for some, but then thought, what’s the point?

You can barely get a flight let alone an Award seat at the moment.

I have previously found QFF rewards hard to come by pre-Covid enough as it is (needing to book 12 months out to get a Business Reward, for example). Also, the taxes.

Given the huge hit in profits I predict very limited Reward availability for at least 2 years.


I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I do agree that getting reward flights on Business and First are hard to come by especially for sectors MEL - HNL & MEL - LAX

I wonder how will this affect availability post COVID19?

Here are my thoughts,

  1. Just before the lockdown happened around March - April, pretty much every leg that had zero Business/ First seats had availability every day possibly due to people not flying or being fearful of what lies ahead such as lockdowns and border closures. I’m wondering if this may be the case when flying internationally does open up?

  2. I always think in points and try to get as many as possible amongst various programs (AMEX, QFF, VV, SKF) but I dont overspend to get extra points with the mentality in the worse case scenario I could get gift cards for just doing regular shopping, insurance ect

I would prefer to have more points and avoid the whole fear of missing out in case seats are widely available?

Personally, I wouldn’t go as hard as I usually would to gain points as I am sitting on a reasonable point balance that I couldn’t use on flights.

However, saying that they are useless is probably a bit strong, in my books. I would still earn them if they don’t cost me anything or peanuts. I would probably say I would value points lower than when the skies and borders are open. Not useless but worth less.

Worst case, you can still redeem gift cards and items with them. Less than 1cpp value but still not zero.

And obviously, if you are short on points, always a time to squirrel away some more points for when the skies are open again and hopefully award seats availability return to the old norm.


I’m not so sure I 100% agree. Assuming Qantas doesn’t go bust in the next two years (unlikely the Government will let it), now is the time to really accrue points while you’re not drawing down on it.

I do agree that I wouldn’t be going as hard since the opportunities won’t be there for overseas travel for sometime, but they will be for domestic if needed. And if so, you have a bigger chance of using them for overseas travel as well when that time comes.

The only concern I would have is Qantas devalue them further, which could very well happen next year.