Are premium economy passengers higher on the Qantas upgrade priority list than high status economy passengers?

Hey everyone, I have read the article which explains what is known about the method Qantas uses to fulfil upgrade requests for premium cabins for international travel.
The article seems to indicate that almost always, status trumps all else even including fare type.
But in the several examples it used, it didn’t show an example comparing someone upgrading from economy vs premium economy.
We’ve booked a flight in PE hoping to beat any and all upgrade requests from everyone in economy. And hopefully and high status people in economy.
Can anyone confirm if this is going to work?
I think it would suck to be beaten by a gold/plat status who has an economy seat if we’ve bought PE hoping to upgrade to business. (I’m bronze lol).
Thanks for the advice or insights!

You might already have read this.

“There is also some speculation on AFF that upgrades from Premium Economy to Business could be prioritised, to some extent, over upgrades from Economy to Business. By upgrading someone from Premium Economy to Business, this in turns frees up a Premium Economy seat that can be given to an Economy passenger. In theory, Qantas can collect more points by upgrading two passengers in this way than upgrading one person from Economy to Business.”

Thanks I hope you’re right :slight_smile:

Good luck. I don’t have the answer.

my mum got one at the gate from full fare economy to business on the PER-LHR flight despite having no status, I think the full fare class counted for a lot


That’s interesting. I have heard people mention that you need to opt into allowing upgrade at the checkin/gate in your QFF profile but I have never seen such an option. Am I misunderstanding something here?

That’s for points upgrades (classic upgrade rewards) where you will be considered for an upgrade right until the moment of departure. What I think the above poster is talking about is an operational upgrade.

Oh okay so i’ve booked with $$ and I have request a points upgrade to business so that’ll be considered right up to the gate. Is that what you’re saying?
And there’s nothing else I have to opt into, to possibly benefit from any goodwill upgrade stories that we hear about here and there?