Anyone tried flying in Boeing 747-400 and 747-8 premium cabins?

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I’m aware that many airlines have either ceased using or phasing out the use of their 747s. The main versions still in operation today are the 747-400 and the newer 747-8I. If anyone out there has travelled on both, is there much difference from a passenger perspective, particular in the premium seats?

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I’m not sure if I’ve flown a newer 747-8I aircraft or not, but I know before COVID I flew an older Qantas 747-400 from Brisbane to LAX. It had the old style business class “pods” in a 2-3-2 arrangement, but also had a “defit” of the first class section in the nose of the lower deck with business class seats arranged in there as well. It was very strange. I was in the nose section in a single seat along the right side of the wall. The plane creaked and groaned so much on takeoff I seriously wondered if were were going to stay in the air! But I digress… in regards to your question, I think it’s more a question of which airlines provide the nicest fit out if still flying 747’s on their long haul routes. I know Lufthansa uses them from Frankfurt to Singapore. However I found their business class offering very underwhelming. It doesn’t feel special at all when compared to other middle eastern airlines or Singapore/Cathay Pacific. Just my personal opinion though. :o)

I would watch a bunch of youtube reviews of 747 premium cabin configurations to see if you can find any differences between your two models of interest. You may find a certain airline attracts you with their layout etc… or maybe you’re just wanting to experience flying on the upper deck of a 747? All depends on your desires.

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Hi, @jenart,
Thank you for your detailed response. What you’ve said makes sense - the carrier and formation should definitely be looked into, in-conjunction with the aircraft itself. I will continue to view more videos online to broaden my knowledge on this topic.

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@MG1 I just came across this recent video of a 747-8 review that might be helpful for you:

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Thank you very much @jenart.
Lots of interesting information.