Anyone knows what happened to the Brisbane to Toronto via Los Angeles flight timing?

Over the past few years I have traveled with my wife and kids to YYZ and we are looking at another trip early 2019.
I am wondering what Qantas has done with their co-share and stop overs? We used to leave BNE about 10am and stop in LAX for about 2hrs then move on to YYZ with American Airlines to arrive about 5pm.
Now they leave BNE a fraction later and stop in LAX for about 7hrs then West Jet onto YYZ for an arrival about 10pm.
This is now the standard trip on qantas booking and no where as convenient as original. Will Qantas fly to Vancouver direct from Brisbane soon? Is there a better way of getting a faster direct flight anymore?
Thanks for any insight on this.

Qantas have no plans to fly Brisbane to Vancouver anytime soon; I’d be expecting the Sydney - Vancouver flight to become regular rather than seasonal before that, and I’d also be expecting a Brisbane San Francisco flight before that.

No website will price it automatically, you need someone with access to a GDS like a Qantas agent or a travel agent, but Qantas do partner with Air Canada for routes into Canada. So you can still fly Brisbane to LA then connect Los Angeles to Toronto with Air Canada for the same price on the one ticket, which would substantially reduce the timings. Still not as good as you had it, but much better.

The reason for the issues you’re seeing is because AA who are Qantas’ biggest partner have discontinued their own LA - Toronto direct services, and their flight was timed pretty well for the arrivals from Australia.