Anyone have experience checking bags to final destination on separate tickets (multiple PNRs)?

I’m wondering if anyone has had success getting bags checked through to final destination when the itinerary is made up of multiple PNRs (tickets booked separately).
I’ve got a trip I’m thinking about that will require 3 separate tickets (virgin, Singapore airways and south african). The airlines in question are partners but i can’t book my seat all the way through on one ticket due to timing of reward seat release and risk of losing business class on my preferred flight.
If i could book on one ticket then bags would go all the way to final but wondering if i give them each booking ref at airport if they might be able to do it anyway.
Anyone ever done it?? Thanks


I don’t have experience personally in this.

The term for searching this is “interline baggage agreement”. From what I can tell, Singapore Airlines has this agreement with Virgin Australia and South African Airways. Singapore Airlines is also good at checking through baggages on separate tickets. However, as your first flight is a VA flight, I’m not very sure of them doing so. The good thing in your favour is SQ and SA are partner airlines of VA.

Hopefully, someone else with specific experience can confirm.

Hi @neilio444

I have done this myself, last December: I was flying Singapore Airlines business class from Sydney to Paris on one ticket (using points), and SAS to Keflavik (Iceland) via Copenhagen the rest of the way, on a paid economy ticket.

At Sydney check-in I showed the agent the Paris-Keflavik ticket, and asked nicely whether she could check in the luggage all the way. She wasn’t sure but she went and spoke to her supervisor, and then came back and told us she would do it.

My suspicion is that things might have been different if we’d been at the economy check-in.

Be aware that it’s more likely that something will go wrong and the luggage might get lost somewhere if you do this… Best pop an Apple AirTag (or equivalent) in your bags, just in case.

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Thanks team, i suspected it is possible but will largely be dependant on the customer service agent at the first flight.

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I booked a Singapore airlines business class rewards return flight from Singapore to Phuket and had to get it done in a hurry due to points about to expire after all those COVID extensions running out. Then later bought a business class return from melb to Singapore with generous time between flights to allow for delays etc. (Note: SA wanted $4200 per ticket for these but I got them for $3500 each via AMEX travel) I spoke to SA and they said they’d link the flights no problem at time of check-in.

Thanks for the info @backpaqer. Hopefully they are willing to do the same if the itinerary involves partner airlines. Cheers