Anyone have any suggestions on finding availability on last minute redemption during peak Christmas and NYE period?

Points redemption on my part has normally needed planning as this site has suggested. But I have suddenly found myself with leave from the East Coast of Australia during the worst period to book airlines, Christmas and NYE.
Any suggestions on finding availability through points because without points the tickets are through expensive and the aim is to go to USA, Europe or last resort Asia but a travel away from Australia?
The points reserves are a bit run down but points can always be bought from AA or Asia Miles (only 120 k Velocity and 120k Qantas points available) but finding availability seems to be impossible because of the period and last minute planning.

Velocity usually release last minute unsold seats very close to the departure day. Have a look closer to then if you are desperate and can leave at a couple days’ notice.

You will have almost zero chance of finding anything.

Aus to Europe/USA are difficult to find at the best of times, let alone when 80% of the working population have annual leave! You are not only up against other ‘point hackers’, you are also up against majority of business travelers who accrue status and points through revenue travel. They too like to redeem over Xmas period.

Do you have any status with an airline? Perhaps if you were Platinum One with Qantas you could try ringing them and asking? Even then I doubt they will open anything for you.

Last year I was able to snag 2 business class seats on an Emirates flight to Bangkok, on the 3rd of Jan. But I booked that 10 months before departure!!

my only suggestion would be create a bunch of seat alerts on expertflyer, and be ready to pounce if anything comes through. Highly unlikely anything will though.

I wouldn’t be wasting my time tho, I’d be looking to plan for next year’s Christmas NYE period!