Anyone have any advice for low income earners starting point hacking?

Gday All
Very much a noob and time depraved to do alot of reading being a single dad with a teenage boy and working long hours.
I’m fairly limited to my expenditure but want to maximise my accumilation of points, have no hesitation in having multiple cards or changing cards frequently.
Just wanting the best advice as I’m 48 and wanting to travel, plus more than likely wanting to take my son with me (not everytime, lol) but you get the gist.

Also being very much a novice, the minimum eligible spend. Say for instant $4000 in the first month is this an accumilated totalor one bulk purchase?

Many thanks Mat

If you have a resonably low income, I wouldn’t suggest going for credit cards with $500 or $1000 annual fees. I would stick with no or low annual fee cards. To maximise points, you want to look at sign-up bonuses on Credit Cards. To answer your question, when the credit card requires a minium spend of $4000 over 3 months to get the sign up bonus, it means that you need a total of $4000 in spend charged to your card over a 3 month period. It can be split into as many transactions in 3 months. As long as you have paid off over $4000 in balances on your credit card, you’ve done it.

For credit cards, if you don’t want to pay an annual fee, I would suggest the AMEX Essentials  with 1 AMEX point per dollar transfered to around 0.5 frequent flyer points. If you want something a bit higher end, you could get the AMEX Platinum Edge which earns 3 AMEX points on supermarket shops which you can transfer to 1.5 frequent flyer points. It also comes with a $195 annual fee but that is offset by the $200 travel credit you can use to book flights for you and your son! There are a great range of cards out there so I would suggest doing some additional research into the level of cards you can afford to have with your current income/spending patterns and what benefits you value most in a credit card.

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Thanks djtech, much appreciated