Anyone has experience transferring Qantas Points between friends / non-family member?


I was wondering if anyone has had experience in transferring points between non-family members. A friend agreed to transfer a large amount of points (300,000) for a small price. I also remember talking to a Qantas representative on the phone and he admitted they aren’t strict in checking whether the points transferred were for family members. But that’s just one guy.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Really appreciate any guidance!


Hi Vincent,

To be clear… you’re talking about committing fraud: your friend would be deliberately misleading Qantas, in writing, and in violation of their legally-allowed T&C’s, by stating that you’re a relative when you’re not. Whether or not the Qantas representative you spoke to was ok with it, it’s most probably not something that you can expect to get help with on this website. No-one can stop you from doing it, and you may well get away with it, but it’s at your own risk.

A much better solution: there’s nothing stopping your friend from keeping the points but booking a flight or flights on your behalf with those points (ie. putting you down as the passenger). Booking a flight for someone else is a perfectly legitimate thing to do with points. And it has the added benefit of not risking having both of your accounts suspended if you get found out. If, after that, you wanted to give your friend some money as a gift, there’s of course nothing wrong with that at all.