Anyone had any recent experience with Circle Pacific fare using Qantas points?

Hi, I am looking at this for Jan '23 so I would love to know of anyone’s recent experience. Travelling from Melbourne to Santiago then to Mexico/West coast of USA then Hawaii. Not sure if I have to travel to North Asia before returning home. Is this fare booked just using classic rewards on Qantas multi-city? Any tips gratefully received.

I’m not sure what you mean by Circle Pacific, but are you talking about the Round-the World fare?

Thanks for the reply but I am referring to the third option on the RTW page.

Are you thinking of flights paid with points or $? Any of the flights booked yet?

Points only, no flights booked yet as I am trying to get my head around the rules.

Try this guide. This is using points. You don’t need to circle the pacific or go around the world.

Good lucking finding award seats in business class though as competition is fierce and Jan 2023 is not far away.

I believe the Circle Pacific fares are only available as a cash booking and not with points. From the limited information I was able to gather there seems to be a pricing table:
I believe the Round the World booking as @w.hiew suggested is the only way you could achieve something similar with points though I’m happy to be proven wrong!

Thanks very much for the replies. I think djtech must be right which would explain why there is no information about using points for the Circle Pacific fare. I am now working on RTW.

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