Anyone experienced delays with Velocity Points & Status Credits accrual from flights with Etihad?


Apologies if this has been raised previously ( I did search the Community for it) but there does seem to be an inordinate delay (longer than usual) with processing missing points claims from Etihad. I’ve never automatically received credit to my Velocity A/C from Etihad despite fruitlessly ensuring my Velocity No is on every boarding pass and have always had to submit missing points claims that take a bit longer. Thus the 2- week wait post travel has in my experience meant nothing as I have inevitably had to follow up anyway. But the latest round is ridiculous. My wife and I family pool, she travelled to Edinburgh with Etihad in mid-November returning to Sydney early December - claims have been submitted as soon as possible after each leg and still no returns After raising it with Velocity this was the response:

“We are contacting you in regards to a retro claim you made for your Etihad flight(s). Etihad Airways has informed us that they are currently experiencing technical difficulties in processing claims and therefore there may be a delay in processing your claim(s).
We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and we are working with Etihad Airways to have this resolved.”
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Velocity Frequent Flyer

I travelled to the UK with Etihad in January so not quite so far back. Again claims have been in for over 3 weeks i.e. 5 weeks after travel and given the above I’m not hopeful. Is anyone experiencing anything similar or heard anything about such technical difficulties? I gather there have been issues with Flybuys but is the cause and effect the same with Velocity?


It’s been like this for years. Usually I would get the correct credits one way and have to chase up the return. Now forfany Etihad flights I just forward through a retro claim after a few days as some part of it will have an issue