Anyone else struggling to see Business Rewards availability on Qantas?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been searching for business class rewards flights on Qantas for June / July next year (up to 353 days in advance) - testing a few different destinations to see what comes up and I can’t seem to get any available flights from Sydney to Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Tokyo or Manila for example on Qantas. Seems to be lots of availability on partner airlines.

I tested Johannesburg on my friend’s Gold status account with no success either (though I didn’t test the other destinations).

Is anyone else struggling to see recently released business rewards on Qantas or just me?


I’ve got lifetime silver with QF. Have been able to see business awards in early 2019 to Asia and the US. I found it better to sometimes search the direct routes and then try adding your hometown on afterwards. Saw lots of F awards recently to Asia for early 2019.