Anyone else notice codeshare flights between Qantas and Emirates no longer available?

Hi All. Just discovered another casualty of Management or Covid. Previous codeshare flights have disappeared between Qantas and Emirates. Has anyone noticed this situation or does anyone know why? Thanks, Shep.

I can still see the codeshare flights as of last Friday. Not sure of your QF FF status but I cant see any QF/EK codeshare flights after about early June next year cos am only a Gold FF. I expect these to open up as the days go by. I would expect Platinums could see these atm as they get first bite of the cherry.

Thanks Hostitute. There are some code share flights showing but not the one I wanted, specifically DXB to/from ADD, (EF723 and 724). Who knows what AJ is up to! Take care

Hi @moorkulla,

Out of interest, are you looking for revenue flights (paid with cash) or award flights (paid with points) for DXB-ADD? Are you looking for Qantas codeshare for earning status credit purposes?

Hi w.hiew. Great to see your reply, I always enjoy reading your comments. Specifically I looked at revenue flights and yes the real concern was missing out on status points. The other sector, to and from BNE/DXB (EK431/QF8431 and EK430/QF8430) are codeshare and still have status points. Thanks :blush:

Hi Warren. FYI, I have done a random check and the flights I referred to, DXB to ADD are showing as codeshare in February 2023. Thanks for your help, Moorkulla

Nice! Glad it worked out. The Qantas website/interface is not the greatest on a good day. They might have been updating something too (the other day).