Anyone else having success finding any business/first class seats to Europe or Asia via Lifemiles?

Going to Europe June 2020 and was happy to find Avianca have just opened a new promo for Sept Points buys.

So I thought before I go and buy points, it would be best to check what flights are available. Basically nothing in the premium classes. :neutral_face:

After reading the pointshacks guide on Avianca miles and it stating that it is fairly easy to book premium flights to Asia and Europe I assumed I would find a few at least. I appreciate that there is limited availability and I have been flexible with both dates and Asia/europe destinations

We would prefer a stop over somewhere in Asia (flying from Sydney) and then onto europe but I don’t know if I should be expecting something that isn’t possible.

Its just after reading the guide and trying to be flexible as possible in my plans (I have tried any departure date in June) to any Airport in asia and onto southern europe) I thought i would find something. I am aware that most airlines release seats around 11 months in advance and just as a test I even checked out August departure dates to no avail.

Any comments and advice welcome… Please :grinning:

Hi, I’ve been trying to search availability with Star Alliance Aus-Europe, I could see lots of availability for Nov-Dec but nothing as yet for mid next year…I normally do the search for award availability in United website, then use “screenshot” method to book using Avianca miles (look it up online, basically search one leg at a time and send an email to Avianca customer service to book for your).

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Thank you

I have heard dealing with Avianca customer service is a bit like pulling out teeth.
Have you used the method you discussed above to book flights?

I don’t want to buy Life Miles points if I can’t book/find a flight

I have only heard about this from friends:

SQ is not releasing premium award space to Star Alliance partner airlines since A350 started flying from Brisbane.
TG was the good reliable backup for Star Alliance flight out of Australia but this changed in the last 12 mths (from memory).
Now which other Star Alliance airlines fly out of Australia? ANA? There is very little availability out of SYD and gets snapped up very quickly (when released 11 mths out). You may have better luck out of PER since they launch the route recently.
Have I missed any other Star Alliance airlines out of AU?

As always, the bottleneck is flight in and out of Australia. Once you are outside (e.g. in Asia), the options open up.

EVA Air flies out of Brisbane. Asiana flies from Sydney. Air China and Air India both fly from Sydney and Melbourne. Of the above, my first choices would be Asiana or EVA.

Good one as usual @sixtyeight .
EVA is a good one if you can find availability.

Yes, I have. I booked 2 separate tickets from Europe to Aus in Business Class using the screenshot method. It’s quite fiddly and I have to ring Avianca for providing credit card details at specific times (English customer service has limited opening hours).

I flew Austrian Airlines (VIE-BKK) and TG (BKK-MEL). My husband flew Aegean Airlines (ATH-VIE), TG (VIE-BKK-SIN) and SQ (SIN-MEL).