Anyone else having difficulties with Qantas redemptions over the phone?

Has anyone else had issues when calling Qantas frequent flyer? For some strange reason when I finally get through to the reservations agent - they can’t hear me. I called off my mobile and landline but had the same issue. Both my phones have been working perfectly all day without issue. It seems to be only Qantas. Is there a Sydney number I can call? It is becoming a real joke. I lost reward seats on Monday afternoon that were booked and only needed to be paid for when all of a sudden the agent on the other end couldn’t hear me and hung up on me. She didn’t bother to call back either. I have been trying to get through eversince without luck.

Seems to be a technical issue. You sure your phone is not on mute? You could always try their sms service which I think really saves time and hassle since you don’t have to pay attention to the phone the whole time.

Thanks djtech. My phone is definitely not on mute - I checked it when it first happened. It is only happening when contacting Qantas and when they call me. The issue is with both my mobile and work landline. I communicated to 3 different people via their SMS service and still no result.