Anyone else have issues buying Velocity Frequent Flyer points?

I tried to buy points on VFF but can’t get anywhere beyond the ‘landing page’!!
What fabulous website (irony intended)
Anyone else tried ?

Hi, I did a dummy test, it worked.

I had the same problem as you that it will stay on the landing page when you press buy points now. Make sure that the website URL starts with, as VFF redirects you to them to buy points. Then, click the log in button on the top left corner, as for some reason, it will forget that you are logged in. You won’t need to type your details again and it will realise that you are logged in and redirect you to buy points.

Good luck and let us know if it works!

Edit: I also submitted a website feedback to Velocity highlighting this issue.

Thanks for response. But I still don’t get it.
I am at the main VFF page.
From top left menu item - 'The Basics" - fourth item is ‘Buying points’. Hovering over “buying points” one gets to this website -
and I cannot navigate further, nothing else on this page activates, not the ‘Category’, not ‘Log in’, only Join Velocity - that takes you back to joining Velocity!!
What a fabulous (NOT) website.
And I have left messages on VFF facebook page twice - once in the morning and once an hour ago.

It seems to be an isolated problem for you. I’ve tried it on multiple devices (iPhone 6s, PC, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S7) and it still worked. Maybe try a different computer or phone? Check if your browser is up to date. I’m using Google Chrome which works, try a different browser as well? The website may be glitchy as they just recently revamped the layout of the website. Strange as when I load the landing page, all the buttons work.

FYI, when you press buy points now, it should take you to a URL starting with where it asks how many points you want.

Hope you get a resolution soon.

Hey Dean
Must be mine computer then … i did try using IE, same issue.
Thanks again, I will try with my (tiny) mobile.