Anyone else getting there fake search results on Qantas website?

Has anyone else experienced the following on QF FF search results when looking for flights?
You find suitable FF flights on Multi City option . in this case x3 business class flights one way to Melb to SFO . I had the flights all connecting, & times correct, I had required points, you tick the T&C boxes, you fill in name & passport requirements, click continue takes you to payment page then message comes up FLIGHTS NOT AVAILABLE. This has happened twice in the past 2 weeks.
I have rung FF customer service each time this has happened. They have no explanations, & assure me it’s not because I’m only Bronze status.
I have requested technical support to call me which I doubt will happen! The flights are still available on search results but QF are saying these flights don’t exist!
I’ve been booking FF flyer flights for years & never had this problem!
Help or explanation would be much appreciated!


Do you mind sharing what the routing of your Melbourne to San Franciso itinerary looks like? The Qantas website is so buggy, it’s not funny. It could be phantom seats - have you checked on other partner/alliance websites for the same seats?

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Hi @sallyannerodgers, I’ve had this happen to me before. Usually it is due to an incompatible combination of flight sectors. They can show up on the multi-city search and let you get all the way to the end and then fail. The way I have resolved this previously is to repeat the searches - as one way flights between your multi-city legs - but search on the normal (non-multi-city search) part of the website. If the flight you are after actually DOES have a reward seat available, it will appear in the “Classic Reward” column on the far right. If there is nothing showing for that flight… you’ve found the offending sector in your multi-city itinerary. If you can then find an alternate flight to replace that leg via this view - with a reward seat showing as available… then make a note of it, return to the multi-city search and update your itinerary, and add the new flight to your list. When I’ve done this, I have then been able to successfully complete the multi-city reward booking.


Yes! When I called, they just say ‘it takes time for the website to update’, but couldn’t tell me how long it takes to update and remove the availability.
There is a direct flight NY-HK that I wanted but every time I call, I get the same answer(the flights have been available for weeks).

I feel like it I false advertising flights that are not available…

Thank you for you response. I was not aware that QF FF had major tech bugs like this.
The flight route was:
13/12 MELB >SYD QF

QF customer service said no seats on the SYD >MANILA flight.

Yes, this happened to me. When I called the contact centre, they said the flights didn’t exist despite being ‘available’ for weeks on the website. Nothing they can do and no real explanation. I raised a complaint as a driver for them to fix their tech.