Anybody have any experience earning Velocity Points with Lumo Energy in Queensland?

I’m looking at switching my electricity provider from Click to Lumo (QLD resident) for the 10,000 bonus points and the ability to earn 6 points per $ (+ credit card points)

What have other peoples experiences been like with Lumo? i.e. pricing, customer service, anything else that is worth noting?

We are with Lumo, received the 10,000 points bonus and have received the 6 points per $ on our bills without any issues. Our only interaction was to setup the account when connecting electricity to our current home. There were no issues, it went smoothly. I think prices in QLD are regulated anyway so they're all the same regardless of provider except for specific discounts like upfront credits on the first account.

I can’t speak for QLD but in VIC they were so badly priced it was a joke; not even close to competitive, it would have been hundreds of dollars a year difference.

Customer service is reputedly terrible (as reported on Product Reviews), but a lot of that feedback appears to precede the removal of fixed contracts with penalties in Victoria.

Their rates can be very competitive depending on your area, but the Lumo Velocity offer is very poor, at least in Victoria (the rates are very high) – unless you sign up and then switch as soon as you get the points (if your state’s contract allows that).

I switched from Click to Lumo in Queensland, I found their pricing to be a little cheaper for my usage and solar sold. velocity points are good, but the Lumo Advantage also saves money. You can buy gift cards to Woolies or Coles and many other places for a 5% discount. So all my groceries, fuel, and alcohol are now 5% cheaper. It adds up!