Any tips to maximise points on a frequent Gold Coast to Sydney commute?

Hi all, I live on the Gold Coast and work in Sydney, travelling back and forth each four days (sounds glamorous but the novelty soon wore off).  Naturally to save on the cost I look out for sale fares, use points when I have them and get bonus points from credit card offers when I think it is a good deal.  99% of the time I fly with Jetstar due to the cost, using points and flight times.

Does anyone one have any other suggestions or tips that may be useful?

Many thanks!


Can you go into more detail about whether you are willing to pay a little more than the Jetstar flights to earn points? I assume Gold Coast -> Sydney flights are a little more expensive with Virgin and Qantas…

Sounds like you're self funded? What kind of tips are you after? Save money/cheapest possible? or Maximize benefits etc?