Any tips on the best deals for flights to Europe in premium economy?

Hi there,
Early stages of planning and looking for best deals for flights to Europe next year - in the vicinity of Italy, Croatia, Montenegro or Greece. Out of Sydney around mid July and returning end of August or early September. Alas, this journey has typically been an an economy affair but if the deal was right we’d consider premium economy, especially for a longer leg.
Does anyone have any hot tips?

Hi Annie,

Sorry if I missed anything but could you please clarify whether you are after revenue (cash paid) flights or redeeming award seats with points?

If you are after revenue flights, I would suggest searching on Google Flights.

If you are after redemptions, info on where your point lies and point balance would be helpful.

Hi Annie,

The thing to keep in mind with premium economy is that not all airlines do it. If you’re thinking Australia to Europe, you’re looking at Cathay, Singapore, BA and Qantas (to London only), ANA, Japan Airlines and Lufthansa.

When buying paid tickets, not all airlines will allow you to do a mixed class fare (premium on only one of two sectors into Europe). Singapore I know allow it, but in general when buying paid tickets you need to do the same class before and after your transit. Not to say you can’t say do premium/business one way and a different class on the way back, but if you hope to do the shorter 8 hour leg into Asia or wherever in economy and then premium the rest of the way that’s usually not an easy or cost-effective one.

My tip with this is book now; for a mid-july departure, you’re already a little behind the 8-ball and you really shouldn’t delay and let anymore redemption seats pass you buy, or let the availability of the good value premium fares get any worse. For Premium economy no airlines can offer it into Croatia, Montenegro or Greece, although Cathay and Singapore and I think Japan Airlines as well do fly into a few Italian cities. If you want Premium economy in or out of any of those countries, you will need to do Premium economy into Munich or Frankfurt with Singapore/Lufthansa (or London with BA or QF and then a BA connection) and then the sector Munich/Frankfurt to Zagreb or Dubrovnik or wherever would be in economy with Lufthansa or Croatian airlines.

Hope that helps!