Any tips on Star Alliance Round the World Business Award Redemption using Krisflyer?

Hi team

Looking into redeeming 2 x business class RTW awards via Singapore Airlines on Star Alliance network. Anyone here booked with Singapore Airlines for this kind of award ticket? At 240,000 points each it seems like a good deal for travel to Europe and Sth America. I understand that I need to fill out a redemption form etc (ie. can’t be redeemed online).

Does anyone have any tips on how I can check award availability for each sector? What’s the process in knowing if my planned itinerary is available for the award request? And if you have tried this before, what’s been your experience with availability?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Michael,

I could only find the following 2013 document via Google. See page 13 of document

Not sure how current the T&C are so best to ring Krisflyer and ask them if you are in a hurry for an answer (if no one answers you here further).

RTW trips are usually a great use of points in general. Since from Aus East Coast, it costs 105k KF to EU or 118k KF to USA. If you can manage to visit a few more places, it would be a great bargain for 240k KF.

Good luck.