Any tips on booking hire car in Italy - Milan Malpensa?


Looking on how to get a good deal on an automatic car at Milan Malpensa Terminal 2 in August for 3 days. I’ve tried coupons on and but not much comes off the very high price. Also looked at autoeurope and rentalcars but haven’t had much luck there.

I did find a great AWD for avis but not sure if I’d need ID for the company it’s for (bombardier) when picking up the car from avis.

Anyone got tips?


You’ll find travelling in Aug is always going to be expensive hiring a car in Europe. Are you returning it in another country? If so, they’ll sting you even more for that.

With regard to your question on checking AWD, personally I have hired a car from Malpensa several times over the past 12 mo this through Avis and never been asked to prove an AWD code. I have used random ones too.

But, word of warning. Be careful when hiring as they will always look to add extras etc and before you know it your paying several hundred Euros for a basic rental. Also note there is a new pollution tax in the Milan area. You need to buy a pass once you enter an exclusive zone otherwise you will be fined down the track. Best part is the rental company probably won’t tell you, as when they catch up with you, they bang another 40euro fee on top of your fine.

Simple workaround, ask for a Hybrid as their exempt from the tax. If your not driving into Milan Centre, you won’t need to worry about the above.


Have just had a month in Europe (Belgium,France & Italy) and hired two vehicles thru the agency, and ended up with one thru Alamo from Brussels airport, and another at Milan Rail Central thru Sixt.  Both good deals and have had no issues with either company post rental.  Obviously it was early days in the summer, so your prices will vary.  I booked the first rental last August for a party of six touring the Somme in early June, and had a Merc 9 seater van for A$742 for 10 days.  The second vehicle was a small VW Up! which I booked on the day and paid A$340 for 7 days, so you can see the advantage of booking early.  As always, take pics of the vehicle (in the sunlight) before you start the car, as well as the dash showing the fuel gauge and odometer, and the same on return.  Best of luck.