Any tips for planning Business Class redemption for 5 people from Australia to USA?

Hi, we need some advice on travelling from Australia to USA.
We would like to fly business class and there are 5 of us.
We would like to fly in December 2017 and come back sometime in January 2018.
Itinerary still being worked out so any ideas are welcome.
Is it better to book one way ticket there and another one way ticket back?
What about travelling from state to state?
We looked into the Alaska Air miles purchasing but looking at our dates, no availability for Qantas and especially for 5 people… difficult task. Other airlines have very long total travel times.
What are your suggestions on how we can do this, without breaking the bank?
Any other ideas…Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

After looking at your post and your wishlist, I have to say you seem to be wanting to have a cake and eat it at the same time.

Your wish list is the ‘holy grail’ for redemptions out of AU.

  • Travelling during peak season (Dec-Jan)
  • Short total journey duration
  • AU-USA (one of the most popular route for redemptions)
  • Redeeming for 5 business seats in the flight
  • Flying the Flying Kangaroo
To be honest, something has to give on your wish list.

For example, getting 2 business class seats 11/12 mths in advance on Qantas for Dec/Jan to USA is challenging enough.

It is not impossible but I would suggest some of the following:

  • Flying other routes to USA with alternative airlines
  • Flying in separate groups
  • Flying out of hubs such as SIN, BKK, HKG, etc.
  • Use a paid redemption/booking service since you are planning to buy points (pay).
Good luck.


W-hiew is correct . What you are proposing is next to impossible. I’ve heard that for peak periods only 2 rewards seats are released per flight (as airlines can earn a lot from full peak fares) any seats that were available would be gone and snapped up the day it was made available

You will to consider as w hiew said taking an indirect route and travelling not in a group of 5. Your only option to be flying in a group together on the most direct route is to purchase an airfare. But even then 5 business class seats is unlikely to be unavailable on any Aus US flight in December . Your  other option is to consider economy. Premium economy actually has less seats than business