Any tips for Paris arrival lounges and Easyjet connections?

I m flying to Paris with the family, wife and 2 kids, with MH business class. I will land at 7am and I have another flight, EasyJet, to Milan at approx. noon.

Am I able use any of the One World lounges to rest and freshen up before the next flight? Are we allowed to use any of the lounges even though we have finished our journey with MH?

Anybody familiar with the layout of Paris airport that can advise what is the best thing to do keeping in mind we have 2 young kids (5 and 8) after a 24hrs flight? Anybody know if the terminal for Easyjet dep is far away from International arrival? Any recommendation is greatly appreciated

Also, last time I flew overseas I used a NAB travellers card which I loaded with Euro in advance to avoid exchange rate fee for every transaction…any recommendation on what best to do to avoid high fees? I have Visa, MC and Amex.
many thanks,

Hey Sandro - about the only thing I can add is that you will not have arrivals lounge access with Malaysia Airlines - arrival lounges with oneworld are not a general benefit if you have status, while there are some lounges out there, having status doesn’t guarantee you access and I don’t think there are any in Paris anyway.

It’s probably not worth looking at a day room at an airport hotel - not enough time. Probably worth googling for paid lounge access in whatever terminal Easyjet fly from.

The two common options for minimising overseas transaction fees are to look at the 28 Degrees MasterCard (no points) or the Bankwest Platinum MasterCard (0.75 points per $). Otherwise, one of the travel cards out there can help, the Velocity Global Wallet tends to be well recommend. Again, google the topic, hopefully something useful will come up.