Any tips for earning Velocity Status Credits to maintain gold?

I have 277 out of the 400 status credit points required to maintain gold level on Velocity. Thus I need about 130 status credits - by 26 June!! #eek

Can anyone offer some tips on how to get status credits?!
FF points - I don’t care. Eligible sectors - done long ago. I just need the cheapest way to get the status credits for staying gold. (I was travelling for work last year, but now that’s stopped. So I hope to keep my Gold going for at least 1 more year. Likely never be gold again after that.) #sad

I’ve trawled the internet, and this site, and cannot find any good advice on quick/cheapest ways to get credits. (Previous post here about reaching Silver, to which people basically said ‘silver isn’t worth it’)

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Does your spouse or dependant kids fly? Use family pooling to keep your status. Using that for me and 2 kids got my wife to Platinum, and now she can take 3 guests into most Lounges!

We don’t cover status options too much here on PH because everyone’s circumstances (i.e where they live, how many credits they need and how much they value the status) is different.

Two options:

  1. A VA sale just came up for Business Class until end of Sunday
  2. Keep an eye out for updates to our Velocity Gold deals page - more SC’s than you need probably, but still

And make sure you are getting the most out of your flybuys account by ensuring they are linked for earning SC’s from your Coles spend.

Otherwise the best approach is to try and figure out where you need to fly, make sure you keep an eye on airfares, and ensure you don’t overpay to retain that gold status.

thanks for that, Keith.  Yes, my Flybuys SCs have been trickling (though tiny). LOL

I should add to my blurb above that I was planning on a trip to USA in September (after gold ends), and next year to Europe.  So it would be lovely to have Gold when doing those big/long trips.

I don’t have the disposable income for a quick business class trip. And I don’t have any ‘need’ to really fly anywhere soon.  Double whammy!  :(  I guess “holding onto Gold” just seemed almost attainable, when it may never happen again.  :slight_smile:

Long shot, but do you / are you about to have, any young children (< 2 years old)?


“All Platinum, Gold and Silver members have the opportunity to pause their membership for a 6 month period if they are expecting a new addition to the family. Following this pause, members will resume their membership status for a further 12 months.”

“All Members are entitled to apply for a Membership Pause for Parental Leave once for each child, up until that child reaches the age of two years.”




This would effectively get you another 18 months of Gold status.

Booking on Singapore Airlines’s Economy Flexi Saver fare earns status credits at Full Economy rate.

For example a return trip PER-HKG earns 160 status credits, and usually just cost around $800AUD in off peak times.