Any tips for booking a Star Alliance RTW redemption via Krisflyer?

I have just converted my AMEX points to Kris Flyer Miles to avoid the devaluation. I wanted to book two RTW Star Alliance fares using the KF miles leaving 13 August 2020 and with the last flight on October 13, 2020. Singapore Air advise that I cannot attempt booking this until 355 days before my last flight. Is this a hopeless task, given that the 13 August flights out will have been open for 2 months prior? My routing was Syd-Sing-Berlin-overland - Naples-Bilbao- overland - Dublin -Chicago-New York- Memphis- Houston- NZ-Syd.

Hi there.
This article might have some useful tips if you haven’t read it already.

There doesn’t seem to mention any change/booking fees so it might be a matter or calling to add flights as you go. So I wouldn’t aim to book them all at one go (great if all flights are available during the first call to Krisflyer).

Best to ask a KF agent about the process. If you get an agent who doesn’t seem to understand the process well enough, you may have to feed them the flights, or you may be better off escalating to a supervisor or hang up and call again (HUACA).

Good luck. I’m sure it would be worthwhile when you are on your trip.

Dear Mr Hiew,
I replied to your reply to my question the other day. On reflection of the contents of your email I have further questions. I think I may have misinterpreted some of what you said. Are you suggesting I contact Singapore Air and try and get an agent who will commence the booking of the Star Alliance RTW fare with the first flight and then hold this until each flight becomes available? This seems a very hopeful strategy. The other question I have is are you suggesting I go for each sector myself as an individual flight (using a lot more points) and then cancel these if the Star Alliance fare becomes available at the time my last flight can be booked? I look forward to your reply.
John Boland

Hi John,

I know with Qantas oneworld RTW redemptions, you can book flights A-B, B-C. Then you can ring back and keep adding flights but pay a change fee each time. As long as you remain within the rules, the redemption costs (in miles/pts) will cap at a certain value (the RTW costs). Obviously the cash component for the taxes would increase as the number of flights increases.

What I am suggesting is for you to call and ask whether you can redeem flight A-B with KF miles first and then add later flights to the redemption. Whether they allow this or whether there is any change fee involved. Or do you have to book all the flights at one go.

Sorry, not having done a KF Star Alliance RTW redemption, I don’t have the specific advice. Hence, tried to help by providing options to ask the KF agents/supervisor.