Any suggestions to fly first class from Perth to Dallas Fort Worth?

Hello folks. I have a heap of QF points, platinum & PCP. I’d like to fly per-dfw return at some stage, not heaps concerned about when. I’d really like to fly first, so my best connections per mel dfw and return, while attractive at 20h means no F as they don’t have any F on that service.

Looks like QR have F from PER to DFW but the connection in DOH is forever. EK meanwhile don’t seem to fly into DFW, and I don’t think any other carriers land F cabins in PER.

Would be grateful of any suggestions on how to live it up in the pointy end without doubling my transit time?


Most straight forward is to double connect with Qantas or accept a near 24 hour transit time in Dubai.
Qatar first class is not that big of a step up from Business apart from the lounge at Doha (but you can buy your way in there).
Emirates is the best one-stop option if you don’t mind the 20 hour transit in Dubai (quick stopover whirlwind tour anyone?). Their first class offering is still quite nice although I’m pretty sure at this stage there are no A380s which means no showers onboard.
Qantas would require you flying PER → SYD/MEL → LAX → DFW. If you are lucky you can score American’s flagship first on the route between LAX and DFW but otherwise you would only experience first on the leg to LA. They use to put the A380 on the SYD -DFW flights but that has been back to a 787 since COVID. Unforunate, and space is often much harder to come by in Qantas first than Emirates.