Any suggestions on the easiest/cheapest 4 segments to achieve Velocity Gold?

Hi, I have 744 Velocity SC’s thanks to family pooling on an etihad business class trip from Sydney to Kochi via Abu Dhabi last June.

Now I’m not a very frequent flyer, obviously as I actually haven’t flown any eligible sectors on Virgin in order to reach the required four for Gold status.

I would like to hit Velocity Gold before June this year when my SC’s will start to expire, and this should be easy enough to do, with a couple of cheap domestic return flights, but I’m wondering if it’s even worth trying for Platinum and what would be the easiest/cheapest way to do so.

Unfortunately eligible sectors can’t be pooled. However, doing an indirect return flight would get you over the line with 4 eligible sectors, depending on where you are based.\r\n\r\nFor example, Sydney-Melbourne-Launceston and back would get two eligible sectors each way. Or any other flight connection where you transit through somewhere. Often the fare is similar compared to direct.

Easiest way to get the four segments would be to set up family pooling with a family member who lives at your address. A return short haul flight will get you over the line, even the cheapest sale fare on the shortest flight.

That is to say, a family member’s status credits and points are creditable to you if you set it up on your online account. I assume eligible sectors are too, can anybody confirm?

As for platinum vs gold, it’s always nicer to have the better status, but most people find the benefits are fairly marginal for VA Platinum vs VA Gold. If you’re paying your own way, 250+ status credits are actually fairly costly to accumulate.