Any suggestions on the best ways to utilise our Qantas Frequent Flyer points for a trip to Geneva on Business Class?

Hi Guys,

I’m currently a silver tiered Qantas member and have roughly 250,000 points.

My partner and I would like to experience winter in Europe next year and would like to see what is the best way of utilizing our points to potentially fly business class both ways ( if possible).

I know there is several ways to ‘upgrade’ with Qantas e.g Classic Flight reward, points pay system and the classic upgrade.  Obviously with the classic upgrade option we won’t know whether our seats can be upgraded until 24hrs before departure which to us is not ideal.

Would love to get peoples feedback on what options allow us to have a greater success of flying business to europe?. e.g buying premium economy vs economy then trying to upgrade? etc…


Chances of success upgrade is depend of number of factor like available business class seat on that planes , anyone else with higher tier also want to upgrade like gold and platinum will get higher in the queue .

You also get more chances with off-peak travel day less people to compete with .