Any suggestions on the best ways to book multi-sector flights via Avianca website?

Some help please. I tried to book a business class ticket via Avianca website. Melbourne to Paris with Thai Airways. Avianca website site shows SOLD OUT on every date. Nothing available !! But when you search the site with individual sectors (Melb - Bangkok - Bangkok - Paris) there is availability.

Problem being this … Avianca rules state that you cannot transit for more than 8 hours.
Thai flights are within these rule restrictions as lay over time is only 3 hours. So what do I do? To book these flights individually, one needs approx 50,000 more points ! Crazy !! Can someone help me please? Thank you in advance

If your itinerary doesn’t breach any booking conditions, you will need to book it using the screenshot method.

Thanks Rantzi … I read about the screenshot method. If this works … great ! I called Avianca and spoke to a consultant. She was NO help at all !! Thanks for your help :slight_smile: