Any suggestions on the best way to maintain Gold Qantas Status?

Hi Everyone
The more I read, the more confused I become! I have had gold for a couple of years now and wish to maintain it again this year (ends in April 2019).

We are going to the USA return business class on FF tickets at Christmas and have been looking at options that get me the 200 points I need to maintain gold.

It looks like the most cost effective option is to Bali (closest airport is Sydney) in Feb/March of next year.

I don’t want a long flight, and have never been to Bali before (hasn’t even been on my list, but seems the most affordable)

It seems everyone has different opinions of status runs, I really just would like some guidance and thoughts on the best option and would look at staying for 5-7 days.

Please, any assistance and guidance would be appreciated


Qantas is offering double status credits for the next few days. Make sure you take advantage!