Any suggestions on the best routes to take from Adelaide to Germany on Business Class using Qantas Frequent Flyer?

We have 400K QFF points, willing to travel any route or carrier for 2 people to travel in August 2017.  Any advice greatly appreciated.

I regularly fly to ADL to Munich with Qantas/Emirates. \r\n\r\nIf flying experience is important to you, avoid the direct Emirates operated flight Adl to Dubai unconditionally. I have flown this leg in all classes and whilst business and first are of course bearable, the boeing 777 is not a nice plane to sit in for over 13 hours. This is however your fastest option with Qantas/Emirates and if you do not regularly fly business it will still be amazing compared to economy.\r\n\r\nI would recommend flying out over Melb and returning over Sydney if flying Qantas/Emirates. The qantas A380’s are a bit dated but comfy. The lounges are obviously better than Adelaide. The extra few hours are not really noticeable in Business/ First.\r\n\r\nIs that 400k QFF points each or in total? If that’s your total points you may only have enough to book an upgrade request which is confirmed 48 hrs prior to departure, and may of course not be granted if business is full. If you have 400K each i’d recommend flying the legs i mentioned above in First and blowing a few extra points.\r\n\r\nIf it is only 400k combined points you have, it is good you have started planning this early. Get onto pointhacks and look for a couple of credit cards with big signup bonuses, preferably with the fee waived for the first year. You’ll need about 300K each from memory to book with qantas.\r\n\r\nQatar flys the new A350 over doha. I have heard this business class is also quite nice but not tried it personally.