Any suggestions on the best practice to accumulate status and points for working in Myanmar?

Hi Guys,

I am currently Platinum Velocity after working domestic but have been posted to Myanmar this year. I will be paying for but re-imbursed for flights Sydney to Yangon and return every 3 weeks. Unfortunately only flexi economy fares. I have an ABN.

If my overall aim is to accrue points and status to take my family to Europe, what is the most efficient way to do this.

I am basically thinking I should ignore Virgin and just go in hard Singapore Airlines. (Currently no Singapore Airlines Krisflyer status)

Book through the Singapore Airlines’ website, using my Amex Platinum Edge. Any other suggestions?

I realise this is a bit of a niche question, thanks for having a read.

Hi,\r\n\r\nHere are some ideas, in no particular order:\r\n\r\nGet another Amex card. Edge will only earn one Amex point per dollar on airline spend. The Amex Velocity Platinum card earns 2 Amex points per dollar on airline spend and foreign currency spend. Other Amex cards may have same/better earn rates.\r\n\r\nRead the articles here to determine if redeeming flights to Europe should be done via Singapore or Virgin points. Then tip your Amex points to the appropriate FF program when you are ready to book award flights. Book them 300+ days in advance.\r\n\r\nApproach Singapore Airlines to see if they will match your Velocity Platinum status or give you a challenge to quickly obtain a high Singapore Frequent Flyer status.\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\nBluenose

Thank you extremely very much Bluenose for taking the time to compose your ideas. I am very grateful. I shall let you know how I get on.

Hey Brad -
Bluenose suggestion on finding cards that offer bonus points for travel spend is a good one. We have a list cards with travel bonuses here.
In addition / alternatively, you might consider cards that offer bonuses on overseas spend too - or cards that offer no FX fees.

As for choice of loyalty program, without looking into it super-deeply I can imagine you would be flying Singapore a fair bit as the most logical (in terms of routing) full-service option? What are your other options - maybe Malaysia Airlines? Would love to know which airlines work for you first before settling on loyalty programs around them. If you know for sure you are with one airline over another because you are flying so often, then that makes the loyalty question more constrained (easier!).