Any suggestions on how to find 4 Business Class seats to the UK using Qantas Points?

My husband and I will soon have accrued just over 1 million Qantas FF points and we are desperately hoping to take our 2 children to Glasgow in business July next year. From what I understand, Qantas rarely releases more than 2 award seats per flight. Even when I do test searches looking 353 days in advance for this route, there never seems to be any availability or the flight shows up as part business/part economy yet still quotes the full business points amount!!

Does anyone have any tips on how I can secure 4 seats together, no matter how obscure the suggestion! I’m willing to look at strange routes or booking a paid seat for part of the journey if means we can use points to fly business (together) for most of it.

Is there a way I can use Qantas points to fly on a partner airline that will have more availability? If so, how are other oneworld flights booked on points??

All feedback will be much appreciated



I suggest you look at this to get some ideas:

Does it have to be the Aus-DXB-GLA direct route on EK tin with QF code?

If so, 4 award seats together is ambitious. Some other options are:

  • Travel in 2 groups: adult 1 and child 1 depart one day, adult 2 and child 2 depart the next day.
  • Use ff points to arrive in LHR. I expect there will be more flights that land there with J seats than land in GLA. Buy BA seats in Y for LHR-GLA.
  • Look for seat availability on CX e.g. Aus-HKG-LHR. Call QFF to help book these CX seats. I have seen 4+ J award seats listed on that route. Have never tried to book them so don't know if it is real award availability or phantom.
For the trip home, consider taking cheap flights to DUB, AMS or CDG. Then go on award seats from there to Aus. This minimises the UK departure tax. However, as you are traveling with children, you may choose the convenience of UK-Aus in J instead.

Well done in saving 1M points. Hope you are able redeem them for this trip. Please send an update with what you ended up booking.


Regards, Bluenose


My advice is be willing to compromise. Whilst a million points is a commendable feat and I’m certainly envious, you’ve got near enough to a snowballs chance of ever getting four business class award seats on any flight Sydney to Europe through qff.

If you’re happy to fly Sydney to London and then connect, that will certainly improve your chances. If you’re happy to connect through Melbourne, that would certainly help also. My only other recommendation would be to consider going via North America; sometimes you may be able to get a redemption on QF to Vancouver, LA or San Fran. If you can, you might then be able to find some award availability using British Airways or American Airlines to connect.

It’s never easy travelling with a family and wanting to be all on the same flights, but it’s just the way it is that you’ve not got much of a chance at all in securing four award seats in business on any one flight. Consider buying a full fare premium economy and then upgrading perhaps for at least some passengers?