Any suggestions on how to access a lounge in Hong Kong International Airport without buying a membership?

We are flying economy on Cathay Pacific. We have an ANZ Black Frequent Flyer Visa & Amex and ANZ Black reward cards Visa & Amex.  We would like to have a decent shower during our 3hr flight stopover. We arrive at 9.30 pm and leave at 1.00am. The China Dynasty lounge closes at 9.30pm the night we arrive and have heard the plaza can be really busy and 3hrs may not be long enough to get a shower. Any suggestions on how we can access a lounge without buying a membership?

I think the China Airlines lounge is no longer available to ANZ cardholders when I checked on veloce

Secondly there is no such thing as free lounge access, you either have to pay (and many lounges do not accept paid visits) /fly business / or hold high airline status

Hi c65smith,

Being a ANZ Black holder myself, I don’t think there are many lounge options available.

As Mark mentioned there are no ( or not many) free lunches in reality, at the very least, you need to pay per visit to access lounges.

Please check out these links below:

Public Lounges section–>

Hope that helps.

Thanks all for your response, we will just have to go with the plaza and try our luck…