Any suggestions for Velocity Gold status run from Melbourne?

Hi everybody

I currently have 205 status credits (dropping to 204 in December). Thinking of doing a Velocity Gold status run in December. I live in Melbourne and plan on taking a work flight to Sydney on Economy in Dec, which should increment my points up slightly.

Could I get your suggestions for the fastest way (i.e. shortest trip) to get to Gold please?



Hi Ben,

It’s so not worth it.

You are almost 300 SCs away from Gold (500 SCs). You haven’t even reached Silver (250 SCs). It’ll cost you far more to attain Gold than the benefits that come from having Gold are actually worth (in my opinion).

If you really want some of the benefits of Gold, consider taking out a Virgin Australia Lounge membership or getting an American Express Platinum Charge card, which will cost you considerably less than what you’ll have to fork out to get Gold.

If you still absolutely must do a status run, two return Business class flights to NZ, or one to Europe, should do the trick.


Thanks @sixtyeight - good to know. I’ve already got an Amex Platinum which gets me into VA lounges. I guess I’d heard enough talk about status runs to become curious! Most of my travel so far in Oz has been Mel-Syd so don’t rack up enough status credits relative to number of trips. I’ll be stuck on the lower tiers for now I suppose.

Yep, but you’ve got lounge access and that’s the main thing. One huge perk of being Velocity Gold at Sydney and Melbourne has historically been avoiding the often-ridiculously-long queues at check-in. But with the new auto-check-in kiosks, Virgin finally seems to be getting its act together so the queues aren’t as long. Really, if you’re mainly travelling MEL-SYD, lounge access is all you need.

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Thanks @sixtyeight - I am planning ahead for next year’s travel which may take us abroad a few times, so thought it might be handy to have more premium status. But good to know it’s not required in the mainstay given my current access. Cheers